All work is strange.

Strange Work began as a series of stories edited by me, Chris Mohney. This weekly newsletter version will be entirely written and maybe edited by me, unless and until others are compelled or convinced to contribute.

This incarnation of Strange Work will have oddities and weirdness but also meditations on the picayune and fundamental aspects of work, positive and otherwise. Fortunately, as someone who has done lots of different work at lots of places with lots of people doing lots of things, I have plenty to say on the subject.

For now this will be a free newsletter. If and when I start charging subscribers, it would only be to pay contributors. Unless of course I could also pay contributors as well as myself! I mean, I’m not made of stone.

You can also check out my other newsletter, F&BQ&A, which is interviews with people in restaurants and hospitality.

Your time, interest, and attention are appreciated. These things, too, are work.

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All work is strange.


Chris Mohney

Chris Mohney is a writer and editor and eater and drinker.